Your project manager is your primary contact. You’ll meet him shortly before construction begins and he’ll work with you to determine where project materials will be stored and where a job site sign can be placed. He will also address issues unique to your home (for example, keeping the gate closed so your dog doesn’t get out).

Once construction begins, your project manager will stop by the job site regularly to ensure that all is running smoothly and to keep the communication open between you and the rest of your assigned New Outlooks team.

New Outlooks’ in-house team of talented carpenters performs the actual construction of your project with assistance from our valued, prescreened subcontractors.

Dust doors and temporary walks or zip poles and plastic drops are used to separate the area under construction from the rest of the house. Protective coverings are also placed on carpets and floors. New Outlooks crews clean up scraps of lumber, insulation and other construction debris at the end of each work day.


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