Along with all your remodeling, painting, and repair needs, New Outlooks Construction is an authorized Generac dealer. If your power goes out, you shouldn’t have to sit in the dark. Generac Generators will ensure that you and your family are safe and enjoying life’s conveniences until your power service is restored.


Power outages happen when you least expect it. Increasingly intense storms, a failing power grid, and accidents can cause a power failure in any location. When this happens, it could take minutes, hours, sometimes even days before power is restored. With a Generac Generator, you don’t have to worry about keeping your family comfortable in the meantime. Save money on the hotel you would rent or the food you would throw out in your refrigerator: a Generac Generator will put you and your family in good hands.


There are multiple things you can lose during a power outage, but with a Generac Generator you need not worry. Here are a few examples of things a back up generator can recover in a power outage.

✔ Medical safety devices, if you have someone at home who needs to be hooked up to a respirator, CPAP, IV, etc.

✔ Keep the water out of your basement by providing uninterrupted power to your sump pump. Keep your well pump or septic pumps operational.

✔ Is your car in the garage when the power goes out? Don’t get stuck. Heating or air conditioning, so that you and your family won’t be subject to the harsh weather climate outside.

✔ Security systems, to keep you and your family safe during the remainder of the outage.

✔ A generac generator will keep your automatic garage doors functioning in the event you don’t have a manual opener.

✔ Make sure you can communicate with the outside world by keeping your internet service, Television, and phone operational during an outage. Don’t let the little ones miss their favorite cartoons!

✔ Food kept cold by a refrigerator or freezer, so it won’t spoil in the event of a power outage.

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