Everyone deserves a modern bathroom with updated furnishings and fixtures. A well-designed bathroom should be an oasis in your home. It is the place where you get energized to start your day and a place to unwind at the end. Our designers work with you to incorporate the key elements that will make your bathroom your personal retreat. We work with you to solve some of the most common design issues occurring in the bathroom:  making the shower larger, creating functional storage, etc., all the while meeting your particular design aesthetic. You can be sure your designer will work tirelessly to make your beautiful retreat a reality. From tiles to fixtures to lighting, we are your one stop shop in bathroom construction.


There is no reason why your bathroom should look like every other cookie-cutter house on the street. Update your bathroom with modern plumbing fixtures, natural stone or porcelain tile, and a variety of lighting fixtures to brighten the room. Creative storage space for all of your toiletries and decorative accent pieces such as mirrors and a heated towel warmer, will bring the room together, and add your individual style to the room.


Before ripping up those tiles and picking out new fixtures, here are some things to consider.

✔ No-slip tiles can be both appealing in design taste as well as life-saving. Smaller tiles or textured surfaces will stop any unwanted slips and falls.

✔ Don’t crowd your half-bath. Incorporate elements such as a wall hung vanity, with a light color countertop to make the space feel larger.

✔ If there’s room for an outlet in the medicine cabinet add one. It’s convenient, and even if you don’t think you need it, it is a great way to charge that electric toothbrush and keep it off the countertop.

✔ Create enough space for toiletry storage, or any other items you may carry in your bathroom.

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