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Many people think that enhancing a home’s exterior requires a massive landscaping project. They assume the process will cost tens of thousands of dollars and take months to complete.

While you can certainly improve your exterior this way, there are faster and more affordable options. When you make small, detailed changes to your home, they will add up to a wonderful exterior and over time will truly enhance the value.

Here are some of the best ways to upgrade your outside space…

Plant Some Low-Maintenance Greenery
Vibrant plant life is one of the best ways to upgrade your entire exterior, but you don’t have to be an expert gardener to have gorgeous shrubbery and flowers outside of your home. There are many gorgeous and hearty plants that look great, come back with the seasons, and deliver beautiful colors to your outdoor area. Consider plants like ornamental grass, yucca, or perennial daisies or slow-growing evergreens and you’ll have lively plants that look great every year.

Add a Bright, Cheerful Color to the Entryway
By simply enhancing the entryway, you lend an air of sophistication and style to your home, and a surprisingly easy and affordable way to achieve this is by simply painting the front door. A bright, lighthearted color will create an energetic atmosphere near your doorway.

Enhance the Entryway Hardware
While we’re working on the front door, let’s take a look at the hardware, including the locks and door handles. Maybe you could replace old rusty door knobs, knockers, or deadbolts with shiny new hardware that will make your home look well-kept and clean.

Go For a Bold Color
How many houses in your neighborhood have a beige or tan color? You can make your home stand out from the crowd by painting the exterior a more unique and eye-catching color (or replacing the siding, or course). You don’t have to go with electric purple, but maybe a tasteful gray or a mild blue would give your home a stylish and distinct appearance.

Add Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor lighting, whether it’s battery-powered lights lining the walkway or professionally installed patio lighting with a dimmer switch, can enhance the ambiance of an exterior and make your drab area look truly fantastic.

Install a Hardscape Walkway
When you work with an experienced professional who can install patio pavers or natural stone, you’ll be able to build an elegant walkway that wraps around the home and provides a classic, timeless appeal. Simple concrete pavers look great with any outdoor design, but you can also choose from many natural stones for a warm, timeless appearance.

Add a Border to Your Driveway
You can give your driveway a crisp, clean edge by installing brick pavers from end to end. Lining the side of your driveway and creating a distinct border, pavers will create an elegant feel to your home’s exterior without the higher price of a complete driveway replacement.

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