Basement Renovations: When is it Time to Make Changes?

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Have you been thinking about a basement renovation? Are you considering a new room, but can’t quite make a decision? When is the right time to renovate a basement, anyhow?

While the final decision is a case-by-case situation, there are some strong indicators that it may be time to finally make those basement renovations to your home.

It’s Unfinished

This is a pretty obvious sign that you need to renovate your basement. If your entire basement is unfinished, you’re wasting valuable space that could be used for many different purposes. It could become a spare room, an extra living room, a playroom for the kids, an exercise room, or Home Theater, or your own personal pub; no matter what you’d like to do, an unfinished basement is an open canvas that can be remodeled quickly and affordably.

You Are Getting Moisture in the Basement

Though this may be perceived as less of a renovating issue than a home repair problem, water in the basement can create significant long-term damage. It is much more affordable (and far less of a hassle) to control the problem now, before it becomes worse. Moisture, leaking, and seepage could be caused by foundational issues, poor drainage, clogged gutters, poor landscaping, bad windows or seals or improper window wells, or lack of waterproofing; either way, it needs to be controlled immediately. Once you have the water in check, you can remodel the basement however you please!

Your Family Needs More Living Space

If your growing family is starting to step on each other’s toes (literally or figuratively), adding another room to the basement can relieve the anxiety and hopefully bring a little family peace. Whether you need a fresh room for a growing family, or an extra living room for kid’s toys, renovations to the basement can give your family the space and separation it needs.

Note: If you are creating a bedroom, it must meet current building codes for egress including windows, walk outs or scapewells for safety purposes.

You Don’t Have Room for Visitors

When a friend comes to town unexpectedly, do you have a room for them? When family is visiting for the holidays, are they forced to sleep on the couch? Maybe it’s time you renovate your basement to add a comfortable guest bedroom. Guests not only love having a comfortable bed, they also appreciate their own private space!

Your Family Needs Less Living Space

Wait, didn’t we just talk about needing more space? If you have an empty nest, with a basement full of unused rooms, you finally have the opportunity to renovate the basement however you want!

You can use your basement for the room you’ve always imaged, from a home theater to a craft room. You can install a bar, mount a projector screen, add workout equipment; the choice is yours, and the options are practically limitless! So while an empty nest might feel too quiet at first, look on the bright side: the basement is now your playroom!

Winter is the perfect time to renovate your basement

Since all of the work happens inside your home, colder months are the perfect time for a basement renovation project. You can’t work on landscaping, roofing, or a new patio during a blizzard, so it’s best to use this time for interior improvements, including basement remodeling.

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